Skijališta Kupres

Ski resorts Kupres
Adria Ski

Over 13 km trail

Skiers can daily from 09,00-16,00 hours to enjoy over 13 kilometers of excellently prepared slopes with 5 ski lifts. What is important to note that we are all interconnected paths and distant few meters from the main hotel complex. The trails are varied so that both beginners and skiers with long years of service in skiing can find what they most odgovara.Ljubazno field staff will be at all times find at hand was that it was a help in entering the ski lift or additional explanations related for the ski slopes.


Four-seater with a length of 1850 meters, one chair lift (two-seater), a distance of 980 meters, two “anchor” drag lifts with a length of 1080 and 1150 meters, and one baby lift length of 300 meters. Cannon for artificial snow for whose purpose built additional artificial lake, allow artificial snow in order to prevent a lack of snow or water.