Protection of personal data

When you book accommodation, you may be required to collect your personal information. By booking the guest agrees that his personal data will be collected and distributed to the competent authorities in the Republic of Croatia.

When booking accommodation for SNJEŽNA KRALJCA – Kupres and Villa Popovića Dvori – Šestanovac you will be asked for the following information: name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth and year of birth and no document.

Legal Obligation to Collect Personal Data:
A legally defined obligation to enter personal data into the system e-visitor. The information system for the entry and exit of tourists is a unique information system that functionally links all tourist communities in the Republic of Croatia. The eVisitor system serves to collect and process data on providers of accommodation services and their accommodation facilities in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, performing the registration and checking of guests by the accommodation providers via the Internet, calculating and controlling the sojourn tax collection, processing and analysis of data, reporting for statistical purposes mutual co-operation between public authorities.

Any information we collect can be used for the following:
• Personalize your experience on this site
• To improve the functionality of the Internet site itself. Your opinion is extremely important to us.
• To improve customer relations, because we have every information and experience with our site.
• For transaction processing and reservation processing.

Keeping personal data
Your personal information is not kept on our server, but is stored in the above-mentioned e-visitor system. After entering the personal data of guests into a powerful e-visitor, the same customer information is deleted from our records.